Matt + Julia | NYE Chicago Brewery Wedding

We had the privilege of ringing in 2017 with Matt & Julia’s spectacular Chicago NYE wedding at Revolution Brewing. Making the night even better is that we actually had the most wonderful couple and group of people to celebrate with. Live music, tasty brews & brewery tours and an amazing space set the tone.

In lieu of a more traditional unity ceremony involving candles or sand, Julia and Matt (self proclaimed beer lovers, in case you couldn’t tell by their wedding venue selection) chose to have a unity beer ceremony – where they each added some of their favorite brews to one glass and shared the pint mid-ceremony. There was surprise performances of “A Whole New World” {from Disney’s Aladdin} from Princess Jasmine herself (or the beautiful woman who plays her in the broadway musical version) and the bride’s father regaled the crowd with a surprising performance of “Take it Easy” by the Eagles. Top it all off with your classic NYE countdown and (for us, at least) a post-wedding run for some late night ramen (an obvious first meal of the new year, in our opinion) and it’s obvious that we had a pretty fantastic night.

We had such an amazing year in 2016, it’s hard to imagine that 2017 could possibly top it. But when we look at our roster of upcoming weddings; we’re pretty sure that this will be our best year yet. Cheers to all and wishes for an amazing new year!

Location: Revolution Brewery

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