Rachel + Drew | Mountain Engagement Session

A sunrise rocky mountain engagement session. Beautiful, adventurous couple who is seriously in love. Could we possibly ask for more? Well, maybe that it wasn’t 5 below zero… that would have been nice. But no one is complaining now…

Our adventures brought us to Colorado this past January to shoot this session where we were shocked to find that they don’t plow the streets after huge snows and it can be -5 degrees one day at 70 degrees and sunny the next. Unfortunately, when you’re on a travel time crunch, you can’t reschedule sessions based on insanely cold temperatures (even though the next day is supposed to be warm!) so we all toughed it out and the results – well we couldn’t be happier with them. 

Rachel & Drew are tying the knot late this coming summer in an intimate ceremony in Jackson Hole, WY. If the wedding is anything like the engagement session, we know we’re going to be in for an amazing time and ridiculously beautiful photos of this gorgeous couple!

Location: http://www.townoffrisco.com/

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